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Notary Embossing Services

Florida Notarial Services~ Mobile Notaries.

Florida laws do not rquire embossing, notary an ink impression, how notaries CAN embossed your document.

Finding a Florida notary with an embosser is going to be difficult as Florida doesn't require it. However with the growing use of online notariztion some firms and egencies may insist more and more on this embossing process to assure original documentation. We can assist in procuring a mobile notary equipped with an embosser seal,with our extensive database of notary publics, however, this is along the lines of a specialty notary service

Embosser seals should not be confused with "medallion certifications." This is not a function of a notary service but rather that of a financial institution.

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We can do In-office embossing, we are conveniently located in Water's Edge, Port Orange, FL.