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Are you looking  For A signing services list? You have come to the right place!  We are a Florida-based, but nationwide notary agency.  We can help you in a plethora of ways! We don't just do your 'typical' loan signings, but additionally offer specialty mobile notary work and sometimes other notary assignments like field services, or officiant and even mobile fingerprinting assignments. Take a second to learn more about how we can benefit you as an independent notary or signing agent looking for more work. We started this service in Florida, but have expanded Nationwide!!!

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Curated List of 300, plus some live links and TONS of bonus training material.

The Master List of 425+ Signing Services, LIVE Links, Application Packets, &  BONUS Field Inspection Vendors & Apostille Training!

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signing services list

This means that we prepare and provide legal documents, primarily for Florida & Nevada residents. But sometimes this service also requires the signatures of parties not in the state of Florida at the time they need executing.  As part of our legal document prep service, we offer our customers the benefit of having a mobile notary come and assist them with finalizing these legal forms. 

This is where you come in. See we market, generate leads, and offer notary staffing services for the entire United States. Generally, these transactions are very small in volume (the number of papers printed or notarizations needed) and can be completed rather quickly.  This method has worked well enough that we are taking similar concepts to other states.

 We are also intruding on the FEDEX, Amscot,  & UPS Store services by Upselling a  superior convenience of a mobile notary to come (at a premium) rather than suffering through the poor experience these stores offer.  This is usually easy to do, by positioning ourselves as a "notary consultant" to the inquiring customer.

For 1-2-page docs (like deeds or GNW) we will offer $50-75 to the closest available in proximity notary in our database.  For larger packages like Wills, or POAs we will pay $75+ and upwards.  Unfortunately, some signing services will 'low-ball' notaries that fee amount for full loan packages. Another great thing about these signings is you will very rarely have to scan back or ship documents! 

The other thing is, that we tend to receive an 'overflow' of mobile notary work direct from the public as a result of our unique, yet effective marketing methods that allow us to reach customers in ways conventional notary services aren't utilizing. With this overflow, we will take the assignment, payment, and notary job details, then hire a notary to fulfill the task. 

Occasionally we do hire notaries for the usual 'loan signing agent' thing as we still have a well-established network for title & escrow clientele whom we receive orders from. We strive to keep our payout to mobile notaries above $100 for these closings. 

We pay the same-to-next-day in digital currency (Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, PayPal) that you pick. Signing up is as easy as joining our FaceBook group, where we can add your info to our database an "Post" unfilled assignments up for grabs. 

By avoiding 3rd party sites like SnapDocs, we can pass the additional savings on to notaries! These sites are using your profile to actually market & build there own brand. We on the other hand keep your details and contact info in a private CRM database to dispatch assignments from as well. 

How else we can assist you in getting more notary jobs & signing agent work?

 For starters, we have the absolutely largest list of  curated, up-to-date signing agencies. Various notary 'Blueprints' and 'Signing Systems' by flamboyant YouTube personalities and paid ads boast lists of notary signing services and hiring agencies of 250-350. We have a qualified lists  from 200+, 300+ and  in excess of 425 signing services we have independently vetted. IF YOU ONLY GOT 1 SIGNING from each of those ever, that list would be worth $40K. We furnish this along with a host of other invaluable notary skill sets in our Flagship course: NOTARY Pros ACADEMY.

  As stated earlier we have innovative, unique, little-known, and perhaps even atypical marketing tricks that flat-out work! None of the notary educators that I am aware of are teaching anything of the sort. Not even close. Learning these skills will give you a distinct competitive advantage for yourself! 

Lastly, while we operate 8+ websites (all rank in Google) that make leads we generate, one of the most viable sources is our directory site. If you are a new notary, looking to get found, this will help.  The membership is cheaper than most notary directories, and cheaper than virtually all web hosting, while the site itself is more functional for both the notary and the customer than any other that exists. We built it with this in mind. 

One of the reasons this notary directory works so well for getting notary jobs, is we create blog content that attracts the customer, (general public, title, escrow, lenders, realtors), not the notaries. This is (just 1 of many reasons) why 99% of notary directory sites get it wrong. They create content that attracts the notaries, so the directory owner can cash in on membership listings.  We create content that attracts the notary's customers, so YOU can cash in!