Certification of Address

Address Forms, Domicile & Residency Affidavits

The courts, insurance claims,  college campuses & FLHMSV require a notarized certification of address or proof of residency. Often universities will additionally require similar affidavits of residency. We can address these issues with our mobile notary services! 

Features Of Our Address Certification/Residency Affidavit Services:

 Various colleges like FSU, require affidavits of residency. Various courts additionally require residence affidavit forms with divorce petitions to ensure proper jurisdiction. We can assist with this by offering mobile notaries and after-hours notaries that "don't keep bankers' hours". 

DOWNLOAD FLHMSV71120  Certification of address form here!

Disclaimer: Florida Notary Services provides non-attorney legal document preparation. We do not offer legal advice or representation. For specific legal inquiries or details about your unique situation, please consult a licensed attorney. 

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