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Copy Certification By Notary

The Relevance Of Notary Copy Certification

Copy Certification 

Florida Notary Copy Certifications

Florida, like many other states, allows its notaries to perform a variety of official acts, from acknowledging signatures to administering oaths. One such duty that Florida notaries can perform is a "copy certification." Here's a closer look at what this entails, its requirements, and how it’s different from other notarial acts.

What is a Copy Certification?

A copy certification is a formal, notarized statement that attests a copy of a document is a full, true, and accurate reproduction of the original. In essence, the notary is confirming that the copy in question is an exact replica of the original document presented.

When Might You Need a Copy Certification?

There are numerous situations where a copy certification may be necessary. Some examples include:

It's important to note that many government agencies and institutions may have specific rules about accepting certified copies. Always check with the agency or institution in question to ensure that a certified copy will be accepted.

How Florida Differs from Other States

Steps for Performing a Copy Certification in Florida


If you require a certified copy in Florida, understanding the role and limitations of the notary is crucial. Always ensure you're working with a notary familiar with Florida's regulations regarding copy certifications. Additionally, if you're dealing with critical or sensitive documents, it might be wise to consult with legal counsel or the agency requiring the document to ensure everything is in order.

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 Copy Certification

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