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We can prepare, print, record, deliver,  and provide witness + notarization for your divorce papers. We are a 1-stop affordable divorce service in Florida. We can provide a notary to you as part of the process!

Florida Simplified Divorce Filings~Making the Difficult, Simpler.

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Navigating the Florida legal system can be stressful. At Noble Notary, we simplify the process, offering an affordable and straightforward solution for those looking to dissolve their marriage in the state of Florida.

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Q: Do I need an attorney to file for a Simplified Divorce in Florida?

A: No. While consulting an attorney can be beneficial for legal advice, our service offers document preparation to ensure you have everything to file on your own or with our assistance filing.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Typically, once we have all the information, your documents will be ready within 1-2 days. However, the total time for the dissolution to be finalized depends on the court's schedule.


"I never imagined this process could be so easy. Noble Notary took away all the stress and confusion. Highly recommended!" - Jennifer L.

"Affordable and professional. The team was with me every step of the way. Thank you!" - Jim T.

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We can assist in preparing a variety of Florida Legal Forms and furnish a mobile notary to assist in execution.

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Disclaimer: Florida Notary Services is a non-attorney legal document preparation service. We do not provide legal advice or representation. If you need legal advice or have questions about your specific situation, please consult with an attorney.