Credible Witness Affidavit

Credible Witness Affividavit

The Importance Of A Notary Credible Witness

Download a credible witness affidavit. What is it all about?

Two credible witnesses who personally know the signer and who are able to verify their identities are allowed to provide a sworn written statement in Florida. Note that the witnesses must be personally acquainted with the signer being notarized and must sign a sworn written statement.

Florida Credible Witness Affidavits: An Overview

Florida, like many states, has strict requirements when it comes to notarizing documents. One of these requirements pertains to the proper identification of the person whose signature is being notarized. In cases where the signer does not have an acceptable form of identification, a credible witness may be used to vouch for the identity of the signer. This is where the concept of a "credible witness affidavit" comes into play.

What is a Credible Witness Affidavit?

A Credible Witness Affidavit is a sworn statement, in writing, by a credible witness attesting to the identity of a person who is signing a document in the presence of a notary public. This affidavit serves as an alternative method for verifying the signer's identity when traditional forms of identification are unavailable or not acceptable.

Requirements for a Credible Witness in Florida

Number of Credible Witnesses

In Florida, if the notary public does not personally know the credible witness, two credible witnesses are required. Both must swear or affirm that they personally know the signer, and that the signer does not possess acceptable identification, and that they believe it would be difficult or impossible for the signer to obtain such identification.

Drafting the Affidavit

While there isn't a standardized form for a Credible Witness Affidavit in Florida, it generally includes:

Limitations and Cautions

Using a credible witness is an alternative method of identification, and notaries must exercise caution when relying on this method. Notaries should ensure they are familiar with Florida's laws and regulations regarding credible witnesses to avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Additionally, not all states recognize the use of credible witnesses, so if a document notarized in Florida using a credible witness affidavit will be used in another state, it's essential to ensure that the receiving state will accept this method of identification.


Florida's Credible Witness Affidavit offers a valuable solution for situations where traditional forms of identification are not available. However, the notary public must be vigilant and ensure they follow the state's guidelines to maintain the integrity of the notarial act. As always, when in doubt, consulting with legal counsel or seeking additional training is advisable.

Download Credible Witness Affidavit Form:

1 Witness


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