Notary Checklist & Prep Sheets

Are you looking  For  Checklists, Pre-Appointment Prep Sheets & Other New Notary Resources? You have come to the right place!  

Ideally, pre-appointment you will want a pen back with plenty of blue & black ink pens. Your notary stamp,  perhaps even a backup one! I keep a few other knick-knacks in my pen bag like paperclips and business cards.   As for documents, it is a good idea to have a few loose certificates on hand as well.

 But what about those dreaded loan docs? Do you know them well or are they still confusing? Do you have invoices & journals? These are other things you'll want to consider as a new notary.

Looking For New Notary Checklists, Resources & Inexpensive training? We Got You Covered!

Check off list & Reference Materials

As a new notary getting your hands on the "what do I do now" or "I am a new notary what do I do next?" answers, material & training are invaluable.  Unfortunately, many seasoned notaries are too persnickety to be of any help. This is why we created an introductory starter course for new notaries or aspiring mobile notaries to go over the "next steps" before overspending on unnecessary equipment and classes. This course not only provides the aforementioned cheat sheets but also how to find the best prices on equipment and insurance, even avoiding the NNA's tricky upsells!  We also furnish a list of notary vendors & a large list of notary signing companies, including the top 10 notary signing agent websites! 

Lists of Loan Signing Service Companies Like Ours To Join:

Basic list of 200+ Signing Services (no live links, just names) $7

Curated List of 300, plus some live links and TONS of bonus training material. $17

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Lastly, while we operate 8+ websites (all rank in Google) that make leads we generate, one of the most viable sources is our directory site. If you are a new notary, looking to get found, this will help.  The membership is cheaper than most notary directories, and cheaper than virtually all web hosting, while the site itself is more functional for both the notary and the customer than any other that exists. We built it with this in mind. 

One of the reasons this notary directory works so well for getting notary jobs, is we create blog content that attracts the customer, (general public, title, escrow, lenders, realtors), not the notaries. This is (just 1 of many reasons) why 99% of notary directory sites get it wrong. They create content that attracts the notaries, so the directory owner can cash in on membership listings.  We create content that attracts the notary's customers, so YOU can cash in!