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We have a database of mobile notaries that can respond on short notice.  We provide mobile notaries across Florida to assist with car titles, bills of sale affidavits of domicile, and any DMV-related paperwork you need to be signed or witnessed! Florida law also allows notaries to inspect & verify vehicle identity. Our experience has been that even out-of-state forms will honor Florida notarial laws making the registration/transfer valid. 

Notarizing a vehicle title is an essential process for transferring ownership in Florida. A notarized title acts as official evidence of ownership and aids in preventing legal issues down the line.

Advantages of Notarizing a Vehicle Title

In Florida, notarizing a vehicle title provides numerous advantages, such as:

Comparison Between Notarized and Non-Notarized Car Titles

A notarized vehicle title represents a legally recognized document confirming ownership, while a non-notarized title might be declined by the DHSMV, leading to ownership transfer delays. Furthermore, a title without notarization may lack legal defense in the event of conflicts.

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