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When renting a P.O. Box directly from the post office or obtaining a mailing address through an approved third-party business location known as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), individuals and companies are required to complete USPS Form 1583. This form serves a crucial purpose in enabling the United States Postal Service (USPS) to maintain a record of the identities of those utilizing these addresses, safeguarding against potential misuse for unlawful activities.

Understanding CMRAs:

CMRAs, short for Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies, are private companies responsible for managing mail and parcel operations independently of the national postal administration( virtual mailboxes). These establishments include printing centers, coworking facilities, and various other businesses capable of handling mail services for individuals and enterprises. CMRAs like iPostal offer advantages such as the ability to receive larger packages alongside standard mail. Many businesses opt for this type of mailing address due to its convenience, especially if they frequently receive physical packages. Additionally, the digital features of CMRAs, like sorting and viewing mail through a browser or app, prove to be time-saving for those utilizing virtual options.

 Notary Options:

A noteworthy fact is that USPS Form 1583 can be virtually notarized using online notary services or mobile notaries, providing a convenient and efficient option. Alternatively, individuals can choose the traditional in-person route by a notary and scheduling an appointment for verification. For online notarization, we provide reputable vendors available for a nominal fee, who can notarize documents, including Form 1583, within a few minutes.

 Required Identification for Notarization:

 When getting Form 1583 notarized, two forms of identification are necessary. Notably, credit cards, social security cards, and birth certificates are not acceptable forms of identification. One of the provided identifications must feature a photograph of the individual. The following types of identification are typically accepted, as also specified on the form itself:

Notarization for Non-U.S. Residents:

 For non-U.S. residents, the most reliable and convenient method is to use an online notary service. In certain cases, international embassies and financial institutions may offer notary services, although it's not guaranteed, so it's essential to inquire with them directly. Many U.S.-based notaries may only notarize this document for citizens, making alternative options necessary. Consulting with an attorney specializing in international law and citizenship could be the best course of action if the above avenues do not provide a suitable solution.

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