Minor Consent Forms

Minor Consent Forms Notarized

Minor & Parent Consent Forms

We can prepare, provide printed and notarize a number of minor consent forms. The following are the most common forms: Minor consent to travel, minor consent for tattoos, minor consent for body piercing, Issuance of Passport to a minor, and temporary child custody or guardianship. 

These forms may also be called parental consent to travel and so on. For example, a child traveling to another country without parents will need notarized consent in addition to passport. Here are some common types of minor consent forms that may require notarization:

The following forms can be downloaded for FREE:

 Notarized Consent For Body Piercing

Notarized Consent For Minor Tattoo

DS 3053 Issuance Of US Passport To Child

The following forms can be downloaded for $10:

Power Of Attorney For Care & Custody Of Children

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