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Experience the concierge of our Mobile Notary Database of notaries for hire! Notary Signing services like ours make it convenient the way documents are notarized, providing a streamlined and time-effective alternative to traditional lines at the banks. Our Fee structures vary based on the assignment, location and level of services need. See Below for a more detailed breakdown or call for a hassle-free quote 

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Notary Fees

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Fees For Our Concierge Mobile Notary Services in Florida

Our Fees Can Vary Based on the Level of Service, Distance & Number of Notarial Acts. 

Some documents (like deeds & powers of attorney) require an extra witness. If you are unable to furnish a witness we can assist for a fee of $25 per witness. This price is pretty much an industry standard. Florida law for a single notarial act in person is only $10.  Therefore individuals looking to visit our Port Orange office can expect this flat rate, however, we do graciously offer volume discounts on bulk notarizations. For more the 5 documents requiring notary stamps, we will discount the additional acts to $5.00  per seal. 

Marriage solemnizations in-office are $30 per Florida statute. For traveling mobile notaries to act as wedding officiants, the prices will vary based on location and complexity. You can expect to pay approximately $100 for a spur-of-the-moment "shotgun" style wedding vow and up to $250 for a full wedding ceremony. 

VIN Verification services in the office as well are $25 per vehicle. To utilize our database of mobile notaries to come to your location for a VIN & Odometer inspection you can expect to fee to range from $75-$125 depending on location proximity to notaries in our network & level of expediency required. We also offer discounts on mobile notary fees for multiple vehicle inspections. 

I9 Verifications are not regulated under FL law but we apply a similar pricing structure as VINs. In-office verification of i9s in Port Orange is $25. Mobile notaries to your location to facilitate an employment verification start at $85 and may increase depending on accessibility (toll roads, condo, remote location, or electronic i-9 verification).

 Estate Planning Packages are rather complex to quote. You could expect to pay between $150-$250. Simple wills can be executed with our mobile notaries for around $125, but often these are accompanied by trailing docs like powers of attorney, deeds, trusts, living wills & more which increase the workload and witness obligations for the notary. FL last will require a self-proofing affidavit so 2-unrelated, impartial witnesses must be present.  While notaries can often act as additional impartial witnesses on POAs & deeds, they cannot on the last will & testament. 

Our notaries can print as well as scan documents. These fees are usually nominal but depend on the volume of paperwork as well.  We do offer real estate, title & escrow closing services statewide.  These assignments range based on complexity as well. For example a seller's package with scans (approx 30 pages) you can expect to pay $150. For a purchase or refinance (usually exceeding 100 pages) you can expect to pay $200.  These services will also include additional fees for any witness needed or other proximity variables as well. 

Variables that affect pricing: Population density.  Remote communities will no doubt require us to pool notaries from a further distance which will affect the travel fee.  Notary visitations to hospitals or detention centers also present more logistical challenges that merit a fee increase.  Under special circumstances like these, it is always best to call our staff and ask for a quote. 

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