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The Florida FHLSMV 71120 Certification of Address

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Florida requires applicants for Driver's licenses or ID cards to have an  proof of address affidavit..

Florida's Certification of Address for Class E Driver License & Identification Cards: An Overview

The State of Florida, through the Division of Motorist Services, has a systematic process for verifying the residential addresses of applicants for Class E driver licenses and identification cards. This is in line with Sections 322.051 and 322.08 of the Florida Statutes.

Key Points of the Certification of Address Document (FLHSMV 71120):

For those seeking to obtain a Class E driver license or ID in Florida, understanding the Certification of Address process is essential. It ensures compliance with the state's regulations and aids in smooth application procedures.

Download The FLHSMV 71120 Certification of Address Affidavit Form:


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