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At Noble Legal Pros, we have developed THE MOST comprehensive online directory that connects individuals and businesses in need of notary services with reliable professionals like you. By becoming a member of our directory, you'll benefit from increased exposure and potential clients seeking your expertise. This directory is designed to perform with automatic built in SEO & a high DOMAIN AUTHORITY! We also have the most ROBUST number of specialty add-on services other directories are severely lacking! 

Get discovered by the general public for general notary work, signing services and even title companies. 

While most directories are essentially worthless for a number of reasons, this one is actually designed to be an SEO powerhouse that functions as a local landing with every profile created via automated low-competition long-tail keyword & geocodes that will allow for 1st page google ranking/listings

That works well in & of itself, but we are bolstering the crap out of it with backlink campaigns, videos & plenty of blog content! Here are some key advantages of joining our premium directory:

Enhanced Visibility: Gain prominence in your local area as our directory ranks high in search engine results, ensuring your notary services are easily discoverable by potential clients.

Take your notary business to the next level. 

Best Notary Online Directory Listing

You can list the following searchable "subsets" of services making this the best notary directory: 



✅Tax Preparation 

✅Credit repair 

✅Enrolled Agent

✅Final Expense Insurance 

✅Financial Planning 


✅Life Insurance 

✅Loan Officer 

✅Medicare Agent/AHIP

✅Mortgage Broker 

✅Property & Casualty 

✅Apostille Agent

✅Field Inspections 


✅Legal Document Preparer

✅Legal Shield 

✅Live Scan 

✅Loan Signing Agent 

✅Mobile Notary

✅Notary Permit Runner 


✅Process Server 


✅Remote Online Notary 

✅Wedding Officiant

Most Online Notary Directory Marketing Strategies: NONE! 

That's right! Unfortunately, most online notary directory sites offer little in the way of benefits to the subscriber other than taking your membership dues. These sites are weak in content, Google ranks, and backlinking eforts. 

Our approach is both completely different and unique. Noble Legal Pros online notary directory listings is rich in high-quality blog content, designed to attract your target customers by search intent.  Each user's profile will rank on the 1st page of Google with built in SEO & the ability to "borrow" the notary directories domain authority.  You will get LEADS! 

Secondly, we use the power of YouTube automation and Google Trends analytics to put directory-pointed service-based videos on the internet in locations where the search volume exists. Is 123notary, Notary Cafe, Notary Rotary, Notary stars, Notary Jane or any other directory using any of these tactics just mentioned? NO!

What's more, can you list (to be searched and found on Google) any of your other specialty notary muti-services like those listed above? NO! So instead of wasting money, time, and effort on lesser notary directories, get listed on NOBLE LEGAL PROS! 

A BOLD CLAIM: We fully intend to surpass In reputation, traffic, and search volume in every directory in the notary & legal service industry! Our listing fees may increase in time, so lock your price in now! 

Additional Directory Benefits:

#1: Enhanced Visibility: Being listed in our notary business directory or online notary listing increases your visibility among potential customers who may be searching for the services or products you offer.

#2: Improved SEO: Many directories and online listings have high domain authority on search engines. Having your website listed can increase your own website's domain authority via backlinks, thereby improving your website's SEO.

#3: Increased Website Traffic: By listing your website on this notary platform, you can drive more traffic to your site. Users of this notary platform who are interested in your services will often click through to your website for more information.

#4: Better Local Visibility: Our business notary directories and online notary public listings have local-focused sections. By listing your business, you can increase your visibility among local customers.

#5: Reputation Building: Being listed on a reputable notary directory like ours will enhance your business reputation. Potential customers often view businesses listed on these platforms as being more trustworthy.

#6:Cost-Effective Advertising: This notary business directory offers a cost-effective advertising opportunity. We offer zero-cost lead fees, unlike sites like Thumbtack, while our low-cost paid listing also provides additional features and benefits.

#7: Customer Reviews: Our Notary directory and signing agent listings allow customers to leave reviews. These reviews can provide social proof, credibility, and valuable feedback for your business.

#8: Targeted Audience: People who use this notary service directory are usually in the active buying process, meaning your business is put in front of a highly targeted audience.

#9: Updated Business Information: If your business moves, changes its hours, or makes other changes, this notary public directory listing offers an additional place to update this information, ensuring it reaches your customers.

#10: Competitive Advantage: If your competitors are not utilizing powerful notary business directories or online listings, you have a competitive advantage by having your business listed and making it more discoverable.

#11: Boost Brand Image: Having your business listed across multiple platforms can help establish your brand image and make your business more recognizable.

#12: Increased Sales: Ultimately, all these benefits can contribute to an increase in your business's sales. More visibility, trust, and reach can lead to more customers and thus more sales.

Overall, creating business listings on this notary platform is a natural, organic thing to do for your notary business and it can help create a natural 'SEO' profile which will result in higher Google rankings.